Saratoga Source, LLC has over 12 years of recruiting experience, working for a variety of organizations. Ranked in top 25% of franchises nationwide, Saratoga Source is dedicated to integrity and speed to fulfillment. Our client list ranges from multi-billion dollar Fortune 15 companies to smaller, more specialized business segments.

13 Step Search & Selection Process
1. Complete Job Specs
    a. Hard data
    b. Soft data
    c. Target companies
    d. Sales presentations
2. Research Companies and Candidates
3. In Depth Candidate Interviews
4. Present Qualified Candidates
5. Prepare Candidates for First Interview
6. Prepare Client for First Interview
7. Debrief Candidate
8. Debrief Client
9. In-Depth Reference Checks
10. Consult Around Counteroffer Issue
11. Make Offer and Get Acceptance
12. Follow Up with Client and New Hire
13. Ask for Client Reference


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